Home Co-Generation is Here!


  The Thermal-Watt furnace is a home furnace just like any other furnace, with one major difference. This furnace produces electricity as a by-product. (Where you produce more than one type of energy from a single source is called Co-generation) This reduces and in some cases eliminates your electric bill without an increase in fuel costs. It is also capable of air-conditioning while producing electricity, and it does it all on clean burning               

  Natural Gas or Propane.

                                                           THE  STANDARD

 This unit is used where the grid (utility) is available. The unit’s on-board computer automatically chooses the cheapest way to heat, cool, and produce electricity. In locations where the utility allows net metering (running the meter backwards), a household can completely wipe out it’s electric bill. At the very least it reduces utility cost dramatically                                                              a real money saver.


   This unit is totally independent from the grid.  It produces all the electricity, heat and air-conditioning for a home. Its applications are most often remote cabins where no utility connection is available, or for those who wish to be independent of the grid.  The annual cost is about the same as being connected. Without a penalty you can have a real                                                             a freedom machine.

                                                             THE PEAKER 

 In areas where electric utility companies run short of power at peak times, they are willing to buy electricity from those with generators compatible with the utility company. The Thermal Watt is fully utility compatible, making it a possible.                                                           revenue source for the homeowner!    


Engines, generators, and air-conditioning systems come in all sizes and types. Each has its own particular characteristics and functions. Taking advantage of these differences we have designed units best suited for each application. We offer a complete selection of unit types and sizes, featuring various heat load to electrical load ratios. The normal home requires more heat and less electricity.  The needs for a convenience store are just the reverse. Your Thermal Watt dealer / installer can help you decide.                                                The unit that best fits your situation.


   In every case, each Thermal Watt unit also serves as an emergency generator that seamlessly supplies your heating, cooling and electricity needs in the event of a power outage. Even with no power coming from the grid you will have you  will  have                              the same  quality of life for as long as the power is out.


  The Thermal Watt simultaneously heats or cools and produces electricity at the same time.  Achieving this dual use of the fuel means a dramatic reduction in pollution. When a home’s energy is produced by a Thermal Watt unit with natural gas or propane, carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions are reduced 2.86 pounds for every KW produced as compared to coal. This saves 12,000 pounds (6 tons) of coal per year and reduces greenhouse gas emissions (Co2) by more than 34,000 pounds per year per household (source: Energy Information Administration Quarterly Coal Report, January-April 1994,DOE/EIA-0121 (94/QI) (Washington, DC, August 1994), pp. 1-8) 

     This equates to over 66 million cubic feet of fresh air per household per year that is 

                                                          not being polluted