“The Independent”


                                         THE  ” INDEPENDENT”

                            THE “OFF THE GRID” ENERGY SOURCE

The ENERGY SOURCE that generates your electricity while it heats and cools your home, completely independent from the electric utility company.

It consists of nine components:

(1)            internal combustion “rotary” engine

(2)            electric generator

(3)            super efficient heat exchanger

(4)            bank of batteries

(5)            inverter

(6)            controller (computer)

(7)            direct driven or adsorption air-conditioner (optional)

(8)            desiccant dehumidifier (optional)

(9)            frame and enclosure

The Thermal Watt engine is the simplest and most maintenance free of all internal combustion engines. It is a rotary, with no valves, pistons, connecting rods or any of the other reciprocating parts present in a regular engine. It simply has a rotor in an elliptical chamber. (To learn more about the rotary engine, search “wankle engine” at wikipedia.com)

It has an automatic oil change system, and high maintenance items like V belts and spark plug wires have been eliminated.

The generator is a special design, using both induction and synchronous technologies. It can produce DC and AC single and three phase current.

The heat exchangers are small, simple and rugged in design, and operate at 98% efficiency. In most units the exhaust is “condensed,” capturing the latent heat which is wasted in regular furnaces.

The batteries and inverter supply electricity while the generator isn’t running.

The controller (computer) monitors your heat, cooling, humidity, and electricity needs. It operates the unit at its most efficient level to best meet those needs. It also monitors the internal components of the unit and alarms or shuts down in the event of a problem.  It is self diagnostic and informs the service man of the area that requires attention.

The location of the unit determines which of the two types of air-conditioning systems should be employed.  A direct drive system is employed in northern climates.  For high usage areas in the south, an adsorption system is required.

In high humidity areas the optional desiccant dehumidifier is recommended.

The “Independent” provides all your utility needs for about the same annual cost of a conventional hook-up to the utility company. This means power, heating and air conditioning in a remote location, or in a situation where the desire is to be free of a connection to the utility (survivalist, or Amish for example).  This is all accomplished without a financial penalty, allowing a lifestyle without restrictions.



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