Civil Distress models

Civil distress can come in many forms. Natural and man made. Natural disasters are floods, tornados, storms, ie. wind, rain, snow, hail, etc. Man made unrest includes everything from local police directives to martial law, as a result of civil disobedience to insurrection. These conditions can wreck havoc on the infrastructure, leaving citizens without electrical power, and home heat. 


In case there was a loss of Natural Gas we have units that will switch over to Propane or gasoline automatically, or any combination of fuels.


Besides saving you money during regular times our units provide you a normal lifestyle during emergencies. 


For people who are concerned about EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) or severe solar flares we have what your looking for. It is built using only mechanical devices including the controls. The engine ignition, and generator use only swicthes, relays, inductors, capacitors and resistors. There are no transistors, diodes, vacuum tubes etc.

It simply makes electricity the old fashion way

The above units produces both single and 3 phase AC current 120 / 240 volt and DC. 12 volt for battery charging. Other voltages available.

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